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The Pauline Stevens' Walk

This walk is dedicated to the memory of Pauline Stevens who died in February 2005 aged 79 years.

Pauline Stevens together with Phyllis Cox, put in an immense amount of effort in the 1960's and the 1970's into encouraging people to walk the footpaths in the Hedingham area and in preserving a number of footpaths that were threatened at that time. It is in appreciation of her efforts that the Sible Hedingham Parish Council decided to name this walk after her.

The Walk

From Alderford Mill take the footpath running in a south-easterly direction along the river valley to the south side of Hull's Mill. Turn left onto the road and go past the mill and then up the hill towards 'Purls Hill'. After the bridge, over the now dismantled railway, turn left onto the footpath beside the road marked 'footpath avoiding the narrow lane'. This route up the hill has been kindly provided by the local farmer, Peter Gagen, and we now call it the 'Peter Gagen Path'. Progress up the hill on this footpath turning right at the top of the field back on to the road again. Turn left and then continue up the hill for a short distance before turning left again onto the footpath that takes you through 'Bluebell Wood'. Continue on that footpath until you reach the road at New England. Turn left go down the road and across the river and you are back where you started from Alderford Mill. Approximate time of walk is one hour.





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