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There are two Schools serving Sible Hedingham, St.Peters Primary School and Hedingham School, both of which

have expanded greatly over the years. St.Peters intake is purely from the Village but Hedingham School serves a

large amount of villages in the surrounding area as well. Hedingham School was designated as a specialist Maths and

Computing College in 2004. Ofsted inspected Hedingham School in September 2007 and their verdict was that

Hedingham ‘is a good and improving school which is popular with students and their parents.’ The Inspectors felt that,

‘Its calm and purposeful atmosphere and the courtesy of its students immediately strike visitors to the school.’ Castle

Hedingham also has a Primary School, The De Vere, which does have pupils from Sible Hedingham who are on the

borderline of the Villages.



St.Peters C of E Primary School

Headteacher: John Smith

Address: School Road,

Sible Hedingham,

Essex, CO9 3NR.

Telephone: 01787-460362.

Fax: 01787- 461657.













St. Peter's Primary School had three rooms, a residence for a headmaster and was built as a National School in 1840

using local red bricks. During the 19th Century it had an average of 150 pupils, conditions were very cramped and

the infant's room had a gallery to help accommodate the numbers. In 1908 new toilets were provided which were

flushed once a day running into a cesspool and ditch in the field opposite. This continued until after the Second world

war. In 1940 the school closed for a time when ceilings were damaged by a bomb which fell nearby. Children all

carried Gas masks during the war and regularly had to go into the air raid shelters when there was an alert. As this was

a rural school records show that pupils were regularly away for pea-picking. Pupils stayed at this school at least until

they were fourteen and a wartime influx of evacuees made for more cramped conditions thus the older children had

some classes at the new secondary school which was still to be completed.

The early 1960's finally saw the addition of new classrooms and a hall and in the 1970's more classrooms, an

administration block and kitchens were added needed by today's standards for about the same number of pupils as

the original three rooms had to accommodate.


Hedingham School Maths Computing College

Headteacher: John Panayi

Address: Yeldham Road,

Sible Hedingham,

Essex, CO9 3QH.

Telephone: 01787-460470.

Fax: 01787-462652.
















The building of Hedingham Secondary Modern School began in 1938 but was delayed due to the outbreak of war, the

builders being required to build for defence. During the war the school became an evacuation centre and was converted

into a geriatric hospital. In 1943 some school classes were held as the local Primary schools were overcrowded and in

1945 129 senior children aged from 11 to 14 from the local catchment area were finally admitted. Only the part of the

building near the main road was available and three forms, separated by screens, occupied the room later to be the

gymnasium. Other rooms in use later became changing rooms and a metalwork room. In 1947 an act came into force

which said that pupils had to stay at school until they were 15 and Mr. Rab. Butler the local M.P. visited the school to

explain what it would mean. In 1975 the school became part of the Comprehensive system and now has over 1000

pupils. The building has been much extended since then with many modern facilities that are required for today's

educational needs.



De Vere Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs M Miller

Address: Kirby Hall Road,

Castle Hedingham,

Essex, CO9 3EA.

Telephone: 01787-460237.

Fax: 01787-462477.













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